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Study Rooms & Spaces

Need to find a place to study? Find your perfect spot: a quiet space in the library, a library group study room, or a room in ARB, Jones, or RAS.

Library Study Rooms

Library Study Rooms 

  • 9 reservable study rooms & 1 walk-in room
  • 3-hour reservations (1 reservation per person, per day)
  • Available when the library service desk is open
  • See library hours for specific times
  • No reservation deadline!
  • Reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance

Reservation Process

Making a Reservation
  1. On the library homepage, click the "Reserve a Study Room" button on the right-hand side of the page

  2. Select a room and scroll down to see available dates and times

  3. Select the starting time for your three-hour reservation

  4. Enter your first and last name along with your UHSP email address

  5. After submitting your reservation, you will get a confirmation email. 

Accessing your room
  • At the start of your reservation, go to the Library Service Desk and show the staff your confirmation email

  • Library Staff will check out the key to your room for 3 hours

  • At the end of your 3-hour reservation, you will need to...

    • Return the key to the Library Service Desk (fees will be charged to your student account if the key is late or lost)

    • Wipe down the table with cleaning supplies in the room

Need to cancel or reschedule?

At the bottom of your confirmation email, there is a link to change your appointment.


Reservation Policies 
  • Individuals can make one reservation per day for 3 hours.

  • Reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance.

  • At the start of your reservation, you need to visit the Library Service Desk to check out the key for the room. Be prepared to show your reservation confirmation email.

  • When your reservation is over you will need to return the key to the Library Service Desk.  

  • Show up to use the room on time - If you need to cancel a reservation, use the link in the confirmation email to cancel.

General Information
  • Study Rooms can only be used when the Service Desk is open.

  • All study rooms are locked when not in use.

    • To use a room you need to reserve the room and visit the Library Service Desk to check out the key.

  • Study Rooms are intended for collaborative study; they are not for meetings, tutoring, classes, or other non-study uses.

Issues: Noise and Cleaning

  • Keep conversations and videos/sounds to a respectful level.

    • If a group is too loud, you can ask them to be quiet OR let the staff at the Service Desk know. Call the Service Desk at 314.446.8361.

    • After the first noise warning, Public Safety will be summoned for subsequent disturbances.

    • Student Honor Code stipulates that quiet should be maintained in the Library because it is a designated study area. 

  • Erase all notes from the whiteboards

    • The rooms are for all students, so we ask that you erase any writing from the whiteboards. The housekeeping staff will erase all notes and clean the whiteboards each night. 

  • Be considerate and clean

    • Throw away all trash and double-check that you have not left anything behind.