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Course Textbooks & Reserves

Find out what textbooks the Library has on reserve for your class. The Library Services Desk has everything you need including iPhone chargers, textbooks, anatomy models, calculators, and more!

Course Textbook Search

Search for items on Course Reserve @ the Library

Search by course name (ex: Global, biol1111, Therapeutics...) or instructor. 

Course Reserve Info

Helpful Information:

  • Course Reserve materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Fines are charged on overdue items. Set a reminder on your phone for a few minutes before the item is due!
  • Reserve materials can not be checked out overnight.
    • If Items are checked out within 2 hours of the Library Service Desk closing, return the items to the staff at the Library Services Desk before closing.  
    • If you have an item after the Library Services Desk closes, you can place it in the Library Book Return located down the hall to the right of the Library Services Desk. 
  • Not all classes will have materials on reserve 

Items NOT on Course Reserve

  • Lab manuals or workbooks
  • Recommend textbooks (unless requested by the instructor)

Available @ the Library Services Desk


Textbooks on reserve may include:
  • One copy of most required textbooks
  • Supplemental readings (articles, book chapters, etc.)
Items NOT on reserve: 
  • Recommend textbooks (unless requested by the instructor)
  • Lab manuals or workbooks
Checkout length: 2 hours for most materials

Note: Overnight checkouts are not allowed.

Chargers & Electronics

  • Android & iPhone chargers
  • Calculators (scientific & graphing)
  • Headphones
  • HDMI & VGI cables
  • Laptop chargers
Checkout length: 3 hours

Anatomy Models

  • Arm Muscle / Vessel Model
  • Brain Model (multiple)
  • Disarticulated Skeleton
  • Ear Model
  • Eye Model
  • Heart Model
  • Kidney/Renal System Model
  • Leg Muscle / Vessel Model
  • Skull Model (multiple)
  • Vertebrae
  • Reproductive Systems: Male and Female
  • Respiratory System w/ Heart
  • Torso with Internal Organs
Checkout length: 2 hours

*Due to the limited number of body parts, students may only check out 1 body part at a time. 

Office Supplies

  • Dry-erase kits: Includes 2-3 markers, eraser, and cleaning spray
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Tape 
Checkout length: 3 hours