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How to Find Articles

Having trouble finding articles? Find out where to start, and what to do when the article you need is not available at the UHSP Library.

Why Use Articles

Articles are great sources of information for your research, especially:

  • For highly specific information (just make sure you have a good background understanding of your topic)

  • For the most recent or "cutting-edge" information available

  • As an excellent source of historical information

Also, articles usually include bibliographies, which can lead you to additional information on a topic.

Articles are available from many different types of publications, including scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, technical reports, trade journals, etc.

Where to Find Articles


Journals are periodicals, newspapers, or magazines that contain articles on a particular subject or professional activity. They are usually published by a special group, society, or professional organization. If you are looking for information from a certain source or with a specific focus, you may want to search with a specific journal. 


Databases are indexes that allow you to search multiple journals, at the same time. You can use databases to find articles from journals, newspapers, and magazines (periodicals). In a multidisciplinary or subject-specific database, you can search by article author, title, or keyword.

Use databases when you want to research a topic from multiple sources.

What about Wikipedia and Google?

Why not use Wikipedia?

Even librarians use Wikipedia, but we don't use it as our only source of information. We go to Wikipedia to get a better understanding of a topic that we may not have much knowledge about. Wikipedia may be our first stop but it is definitely not our only stop in the research process. 

According to Wikipedia's own page, "Wikipedia: Researching with Wikipedia,"

Wikipedia can be a great tool for learning and researching information. However, as with all reference works, Wikipedia is not considered to be a reliable source as not everything in Wikipedia is accurate, comprehensive, or unbiased.  

What about Google Scholar?

While it is possible to find quality information, including articles, using Google Scholar, please remember:

  • The Databases available through the UHSP Library have more comprehensive search tools and can provide better, more specific results.

  • Google Scholar often provides relevant citations but is often missing the full-text of articles. You may even be asked to pay for an article that we have available to you for FREE through the Library.