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How to Find Articles

Having trouble finding articles? Find out where to start, and what to do when the article you need is not available at the UHSP Library.

Searching for a Journal

Browsing articles from a specific journal 

Through our Journals page, you can search for a specific journal to see new articles or just browse current topics. The Journals page can also help when...

  • you don't see a UHSP link

  • the UHSP link isn't working

  • or you found an article online and want to see if we have access

Search for a specific journal 
  1. Go to the library page and from the search options click on Journals

  2. Enter the JOURNAL TITLE (example: Journal of the American Medical Association) into the search box and click Search.

  3. On the results page, you may see several links for the same journal. This is because we might have access to the journal through multiple online sources OR the journal may be in print in the Library. 

Look carefully at the dates underneath each link to see if the date or volume & issue you need is available.

Important: If you were looking for an article that was just published online, you would want to make sure the link you select is for the online version AND does not have a Full-Text Delay. 

In the image below the first link is for the print version and ends in 2012. The third link has a Full Text Delay of 1-month. The second link shows we have access to all recent articles--so this would be the link to select if you want to find an article that was just published. ,


  1. Click on the link with the date needed--in this case, I would click on the link that shows our access as Present, without a Full Text Delay. 

This will take you to the journal or database website, where you can either browse various issues or look for a search box to enter your search terms.