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How to Find Articles

Having trouble finding articles? Find out where to start, and what to do when the article you need is not available at the UHSP Library.

Selecting a Database

Not sure where to start?

Multi-disciplinary databases cover a wide range of topics and are a great place to start. 

Our Discovery Search allows you to search almost all library databases from one place. In ONE SEARCH you can find full-text articles, journal titles, e-books, print books, and DVDs! 

Databases not searched in the Discovery Search: EMBASE, Facts and Comparisons, Lexidrug, Micromedex, MOBIUS, PubMed, and UpToDate  

For more relevant information, try a subject-specific database

Use subject-specific databases to limit your focus to a specific discipline or subject. You can also find subject-specific databases on the Library Databases page by using the 'All Subjects" filter or see the section below. 

Library Databases

Use subject-specific databases when you want to limit your focus to a specific discipline or subject.

Browse the various subjects below. You can also find subject-specific databases by using the 'All Subjects" filter on the Library Databases page

UHSP Library Links

Where is the article?

Depending on the database, you may see one of the links below. These links will take you to the full text of the article OR a page to request the article through Interlibrary Loan. 

No full-text link?

Don't worry you can still get the full text of the article, through Interlibrary Loan.